3 Ways to Make an Efficient Office Furniture Layout

August 25, 2021

Does your office need a breath of fresh air? Are you moving into a new space but struggling to come up with a floor plan? Either way, you’ve likely got your office furniture layout at the front of your mind. Large offices, small offices, and anything in between can all benefit from following these three planning principles.

Know Your Office

Before you buy any office furniture, ask yourself these questions and make note of the answers:

  • How many clients/customers come to the office on a regular basis?
  • What is our staff size and how could it change in the next few years?
  • What percentage of our staff works remotely or on a hybrid plan?

Whether you want to tackle your office furniture layout by yourself or bring on a consultant for help, you’ll need to have those answers before you make your first move. It will help you maximize space, keep employees happy, and even save money as you’re less likely to buy things that aren’t really needed. A smaller office that sees many clients would do well to invest in its reception area, whereas a larger corporate office with big staffing growth potential may consider investing in modular furniture to make expansion much easier. And hybrid workflows, which have become more popular since COVID-19, mean you won’t have to buy as many pieces of furniture with much of your staff working fully remote or only coming in on certain days.

Streamline Your Space

Cutting down on clutter will make everyone’s lives easier. When it comes to your office furniture layout, that means giving employees ample room to move around. Stopping by coworkers’ desks, walking to other parts of the office, or even just taking short breaks to stretch your legs and improve circulation shouldn’t feel like navigating an obstacle course.

Adapt to a Changing Work Culture

These days, one of the biggest office layout trends is creating a dynamic workspace that allows for easier communication and teamwork between employees. You might consider a mix of open plan workstations with some walled-off areas or even cubicles for employees who would like a little more privacy.

No matter what you need to complete your new office furniture layout, Ajax Business Interiors can help you find it. Contact us today to learn more about our products, or stop by our 25,000-square-foot showroom in Clearwater, FL.