How to Configure a Functional Home Office

May 26, 2022

A home office desk setupHistorically high numbers of American workers have transitioned to a work-from-home situation in the past few years, and that means that there’s been a lot of scrambling to create functional home workspaces. While your home might not have the perfect space for an office, with a little planning, you can create a functional home office where you can do your job effectively and even see your productivity rise. Whether your workspace is in a corner of a bedroom or living room, you can design your work area to promote maximum productivity.

Here are some ideas that could help you properly configure your home office:

Start With the Desk

Your desk needs to have enough space for you to do your work comfortably with all your tools easily within reach. It also might be worth considering having multiple monitors, which can save a lot of time from not having to constantly click multiple computer tabs.

Save Your Back

You should also invest in an ergonomic chair that’s comfortable and provides proper support. The best options are usually height adjustable and on wheels.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Storage

Keeping your desk uncluttered can help your workflow, so make sure you have adequate storage for files and peripherals within easy reach of your desk. If needed, you can purchase storage cabinets, lateral files, or bookcases.

Limit the Distractions

Of course, your productivity is going to take a hit if your desk is surrounded by distractions, such as a television that’s showing your favorite show. Ensure that your office space is located somewhere that you can withdraw from the common distractions in your home and focus on your work.

Have Sufficient Lighting

Nobody wants to spend hours working in a dark cave. If your home office is in an area that doesn’t get much natural light, make sure you add a lamp or overhead lighting that isn’t too harsh.

Offering the Home Office Furniture You Need

A sleek home office setupIf you’re transitioning to permanent work-from-home status and you want to create a functional workspace using affordable office furniture, look to Ajax Business Interiors. We serve the entire Tampa Bay area and offer top-quality, fully functional, and affordable office furniture at low prices. We’ve been providing affordable home office furniture to local residents since 1995, and we’re confident that we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Our home office furniture options include:

  • Desks
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  • Tables
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  • Hutches

What’s more, we offer both new and used office furniture, so you’ll have no shortage of options. Our prices are lower than our competitors because we manufacture our furniture, and we’re equally adept at standard and custom pieces. We also offer used office furniture from top-name manufacturers, and we ensure that every piece is in excellent condition before we add it to our inventory.

Want to Learn More?

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