Does a Good Office Chair Make a Difference?

October 21, 2022

Close-up view of black office chairsIf you’re shopping around for office chairs, whether for your individual use in a home office or to furnish an entire building, you’ve likely noticed that the pricing on each different make and model of office chair can vary drastically. You may be wondering if a more expensive ergonomic office chair will really make a difference over opting for an economical desk chair. Here’s what you need to know.

Features of a Good Office Chair

At its most basic, any office chair will offer a place for someone to sit down and work at a desk. Beyond that, there are a lot more features and functionality that you can look for in an office chair. The best office chairs will come with features like:

  • Height adjustment – Being able to adjust the height of the seat is essential for being able to reach a keyboard and work effectively. Since people vary drastically in height, the seat height that’s right for them will vary as well.
  • Comfortable seating – The seat itself needs to be comfortable for extended sitting so that you can sit and focus on completing tasks. An uncomfortable seat will detract from your ability to focus and be productive.
  • Lumbar support – This is an essential feature in an ergonomic office chair, as it promotes good posture and provides support for the lower back, which is a common area of pain for those who sit a lot for work.
  • Armrests – Armrests can also help you maintain good posture while sitting in the office chair, as they help support your arms and keep them at the right angle.

These features are common in ergonomic office chairs, that is, chairs that are designed for efficiency and comfort. Meanwhile, a cheaper desk chair may lack these features, making them uncomfortable to sit in for extended periods. Additionally, without the proper support designed into the chair, you may experience back issues or other ailments over time.

If you’d like to learn more about what sets a good office chair apart from a cheap one or you’d like to explore your options for an ergonomic office chair, contact Ajax Business Interiors today. We proudly offer a wide range of new and used office chair options to suit your needs.