The Best Easy-to-Clean Office Furniture

January 05, 2021

Easy-to-Clean Office FurnitureThe pandemic lockdown drove many companies across the United States to quickly embrace a work-from-home model. Now, as businesses start to welcome employees back to the workplace, you’ve probably found yourself thinking about your office in a new light. Instead of considering which office furniture is the most stylish, you want to know which office furniture is the easiest to clean. That’s why we put together this convenient guide, full of tips for choosing workstations and other furnishings you can easily disinfect to help your employees stay healthy.


When purchasing easy-to-clean office furniture, look for cubicles or desks featuring laminate or nonporous glass surfaces. These materials will stand up to regular exposure to disinfectant wipes, allowing you to cut down on germ accumulation. Try to avoid wood or veneer workstations unless you’re willing to invest a bit more time into your cleaning routine; these materials react poorly to water or harsh chemicals, making it necessary to find specialized cleaning materials.

Also, don’t overlook the importance of design when it comes to choosing office furniture you can easily clean. A more modern workstation profile, with simple straight lines and a lack of nooks and crannies, will generally be easier to wipe down regularly. You might also invest in desks or cubicles with built-in storage space that allows employees to tuck away typical office clutter like pen holders or staplers.

Office Chairs

If you’re looking for easy-to-clean office chairs, try to find pieces that feature plastic frames and non-upholstered arm rests. Plastic, like laminate or glass, holds up well to regular disinfectant wipe cleanings.

Of course, you probably don’t want to purchase all-plastic chairs for your employees—staying healthy shouldn’t require you to sacrifice ergonomics. So, look for office chairs featuring fabric you can clean with water-based products. Usually, this allows you to clean the fabric using dish soap and warm water instead of specially ordered, dry cleaning solvents.


By now, we all know that office partitions play an important role in limiting the spread of disease-carrying particles through the air. But since these pieces do that by catching the particles themselves, you want to make sure this office furniture stays extra clean.

If you like the look of fabric partitions, try to find pieces that can handle the same water-based cleaning products discussed above. Hard plastic or acrylic plexiglass barriers are even easier to maintain—simply wipe them down during the day with disinfectant wipes to eliminate germs.

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