Work Station Reconfiguration Services for Businesses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Beyond

Work Station ReconfigurationAt Ajax Business Interiors, we specialize in work station reconfiguration. At some point or another in the life of your business, it is likely that you will need to add more cubicles, have cubicles removed from your office, or maybe just have your furniture rearranged to give your space a new look. Whatever your specific reconfiguration for your office in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or any other nearby Bay Area community, you can count on Ajax to handle the work for you.

What separates Ajax from other companies offering work station reconfiguration services is that we offer a one-stop solution for both reconfiguration and additional work stations, should you need to purchase them. We offer both new cubicles and used cubicles. The new cubicles we have available are produced by us right here in Clearwater. Our used cubicles, on the other hand, all come to us in excellent condition and from the best names in the business, like HON, Steelcase, and Herman Miller.

We can combine new and used cubicles along with work stations and panel systems to provide an arrangement that works for you and your employees. We’ll work with you to determine an optimal design for your available square footage and help you achieve a new office desk configuration for as low of a price as possible.

If you’d like to find out more about Ajax’s work station reconfiguration services, and how we assist in office moves as well, please contact us or stop by our showroom / warehouse in Clearwater today. We proudly offer our configuration services to business throughout Florida, including those in Sarasota, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and beyond.

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