A Standing Desk Can Provide an Ergonomic Solution for Office Workers in Tampa, FL

Standing Desk Tampa FLAjax Business Interiors offers standing desk products that provide ergonomic solutions to employees throughout Tampa, Florida. More and more companies are purchasing our adjustable desks because of the numerous health benefits they offer. In fact, recent studies have shown that adjustable standing desks could help reduce the risk of several health problems, including:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Back problems
  • And more

These health risks are drastically reduced because a standing desk allows its user to raise the desk to a comfortable height that will allow him or her to work while standing, increasing movement of the lower body and encouraging blood flow. With an adjustable height desk from Ajax, workers in Tampa, FL, will even be able to raise and lower their desk mechanically with the push of two buttons. Because these buttons must be pushed simultaneously, the risk of accidently activating the desk is virtually eliminated.

Also, a standing desk from Ajax can be adjusted to any height between 22” and 48.” This means that our adjustable desks will not only give employees the option to work while standing, but also to raise their desk surfaces to a comfortable working height when seated. This is especially important for tall individuals who often have to slouch or stoop when working at fixed-height desks that are made for users of an average height.

To learn more about our adjustable standing desk products or the many benefits they can offer to your office personnel in Tampa, FL, contact Ajax Business Interiors today.

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