Office Benching Systems for Companies in Orlando, FL

Office Benching Orlando FLWhat is office benching, and why might you want to consider buying it for your company in Orlando, Florida? Benching is a style of furniture that a growing number of companies across North America use to create an open office – i.e., a layout that dispenses with cubicle partitions in favor of shared work spaces that make it easier for employees to interact and collaborate. In a paper titled “Benching – An Important Piece of Today’s Workplace” by Terry Carroll of Kimball Office, the adoption of office benching by many companies is driven by multiple factors. One is the rising cost of office space and the understandable desire among business leaders to minimize what they pay to rent real estate. Benching allows them to do this by comfortably accommodating more workers in a given space relative to what cubicles are capable of doing. Another factor is collaboration and the rise of the “knowledge worker.” In short, white collar work is rapidly changing. Research suggests that the most successful companies in our knowledge-based economy not only encourage employee collaboration but take proactive measures to make it an essential part of company culture. Replacing cubicles with office benching has enabled these companies to achieve this and other objectives.

Ajax Business Interiors is the place to turn if you require office benching in Orlando, FL. We are a full-service office furniture dealer in West Central Florida with a 25,000-square-foot warehouse and a highly experienced staff.

Contact us today to discuss your benching needs. We also have a huge selection of new and used workstations, chairs, tables, file cabinets – and more.

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