Height Adjustable Tables Offer Many Health Benefits for Your Employees in Clearwater, FL

Height Adjustable Tables Clearwater FLHeight adjustable tables are becoming more widely used throughout Clearwater and surrounding Florida communities due to the countless benefits these products offer to both businesses and their employees. Recent studies have revealed a direct correlation between an individual’s health and the number of hours spent sitting at a desk each day. In fact, some of the more common conditions that a worker may develop include Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, back problems, and more.

To prevent these conditions, many healthcare experts recommend investing in a height adjustable table that allows the user to work while either seated or standing. Luckily, these standing desks are available through one of the leading office furniture manufacturers here in Clearwater – Ajax Business Interiors.

Since our founding in 1995, Ajax has been dedicated to developing durable, long-lasting office furniture that will last for many years into the future. To ensure that our height adjustable desks live up to our standard of exceptional quality, each standing table includes the following features:

  • Reliable motorized parts that require the push of two buttons to raise or lower the desk top
  • Built-in safety features that prevent accidental activation
  • Straight or corner desk top options that will allow the table to fit your office space

To learn more about our outstanding height adjustable tables, or any of our new and used office furniture options, contact Ajax Business Interiors. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will help you choose the perfect furniture for your office in the Clearwater, FL, area or beyond. 

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