Cubicle Reconfiguration Services for Businesses in the Sarasota, FL, Area

Cubicle Reconfiguration Sarasota FLAjax Business Interiors can provide cubicle reconfiguration services for your company in Sarasota, Florida, or a surrounding community. Whether you’re adding cubicles to your office or taking some away, moving to an entirely new space, or just dissatisfied with your current layout, Ajax has a solution for you. You can count on us to disassemble your cubicles and expertly rebuild them in a new way to better fit your office space. Along with our cubicle reconfiguration services, we also offer:

  • Delivery – Other office furniture companies may take weeks to deliver their products, but if you need to purchase additional cubicles as part of your reconfiguration project, we can typically deliver cubicles to your Sarasota, FL, business in as little as a day.
  • Office layout assistance – We provide complimentary office layout services if you wish to rearrange and better optimize your current space. This service is perfect if you want to change the layout of the rest of your office’s furniture along with your cubicle reconfiguration service.
  • Liquidation – If you need to get rid of any furniture or cubicles that are in good condition, don’t head to the local landfill; we can provide a quote for removal and apply the credit toward any purchase you make with us.

At Ajax Business Interiors, we also sell preowned office furniture at our sprawling 25,000-square-foot warehouse in Pinellas County. Our office furniture is always affordable, in good condition, and is manufactured by an industry-leading company such as Herman Miller, Haworth, Steelcase, Allsteel, and others.

For more information on the cubicle reconfiguration services we provide to businesses in Sarasota, FL, and neighboring communities, contact or visit Ajax Business Interiors today.


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