A Computer Workstation that Can Fit Your Clearwater, FL, Business’ Budget

Computer Workstation Clearwater FL

When you purchase a computer workstation from Ajax Business Interiors for your Clearwater, Florida, business, you will receive a durable workstation at an affordable price. Why? Because here at Ajax, we’re dedicated to offering workstations for less than retail prices, and we use creative methods that allow us to do just that.

Some of the creative things we do to allow us to offer reasonably-priced workstations include:

  • Reselling workstations – Any used computer workstation that we purchase for resale is handpicked for its excellent condition, so you can buy these products at a discounted rate without sacrificing quality.
  • Manufacturing workstations – Ajax is also able to manufacture new workstations here in our Clearwater, FL, facility, using low-cost, durable materials. This allows us to offer long-lasting products and cut out the middle man at the same time, helping you save money.
  • Refurbishing workstations – Our expert craftsmen are able to take pre-owned cubicles and refurbish them with new fabric or work surfaces to create a workstation that can fit your office décor perfectly.

Additionally, Ajax can clean any of your existing computer workstation units, reconfigure them to fit better in your office space, or move them to a new location. Ajax employees are highly skilled in breaking down and rebuilding modular furniture, so you can trust our work will be thorough and completed in a timely manner.

To learn more about a computer workstation from Ajax Business Interiors, call us today or stop by our 25,000-square-foot showroom / warehouse. We’re located here in Clearwater, FL, on U.S. 19 just south of East Bay Drive.  

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