Benching Systems & More for Your Company in Tampa, FL

Benching Systems Tampa FLBenching systems from Ajax Business Interiors can be a great choice for your company in Tampa, Florida. One of the hottest trends in office furniture, benching is designed to help business owners like you maximize space and achieve a modern office environment aesthetic. The following are just a few of the many benefits of benching systems:

  • Unlike cubicles with walls that have a tendency to isolate workers from one another, office benching is designed to encourage employee interaction and the flow of information. It is ideal for companies that want to stimulate spontaneous collaboration among their employees.
  • Benching systems generally take up less space than traditional cubicles. Thus, more team members can work comfortably in a given amount of office square footage. Your typical benching system is more streamlined than a bank of cubicles.
  • Though still quite common in offices across America, cubicles have become strongly associated with older ways of doing business and a dearth of innovation. Benching, on the other hand, is designed for the next generation of workers who thrive on one-on-one interaction and a faster-paced office environment.

For additional information about our current inventory of benching systems, and to learn more about the many benefits of investing in this style of office furniture, contact Ajax Business Interiors. We are an established office furniture dealer located in Pinellas County just a short drive from your place of business in Tampa, FL.

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