How Can an Adjustable Height Table Improve the Productivity for an Office Worker in St. Petersburg, FL?

Adjustable Height Table St Petersburg FLAn adjustable height table can provide relief to virtually any office worker in St. Petersburg, Florida, who spends long hours sitting at his or her desk. According to multiple studies, sitting for extended periods of time can put pressure on the lower back and also promote bad posture. Overtime, this can lead office workers to develop a variety of health concerns, ranging from back problems, decreased blood flow, and trouble breathing to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Since adjustable tables allow users to raise their desktops to a comfortable height that allows them to work while standing, office employees can reduce the risk of these health concerns and restore proper blood flow. The restoration of blood circulation can in turn lead the employee to have a better disposition and experience higher levels of productivity. To help office workers in the St. Petersburg area feel better at work and also reach their full potential, Ajax Business Interiors offers adjustable height tables.

In addition to the many health benefits an adjustable height table offers, standing tables from Ajax come with a wide variety of advantages, including:

  • Motorized adjustment – Each table starts with an easy to use motorized switch that allows the user to easily adjust the height electronically.
  • Safety features – Users must push two buttons simultaneously to raise or lower the desk, preventing the risk of accidental activation.
  • Desktop options – With straight or corner cuts, our adjustable height desks can be customized to fit virtually any office area.
  • Outstanding colors and finishes – We offer many different color and finishing options for our desks, so our customers can be sure that the desk they purchase will match their existing décor.

For more information on purchasing an adjustable height table, or any other ergonomic furniture pieces for your office in St. Petersburg, FL, contact Ajax Business Interiors today.

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