Adjustable Height Desk Products Can Offer Health Benefits to Your Employees in St. Petersburg, FL

Adjustable Height Desk St Petersburg FLAn adjustable height desk can provide countless health benefits for its user, but what many business owners in St. Petersburg, Florida, may not realize is that, by improving an employee’s health, they may also be improving their company’s bottom line. That’s because adjustable height desks allow users to stand for periods of time during the day, which can, in turn, decreases the risk of back pain, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other various health problems that may stem from sitting for 40 hours each week. When employees experience less pain and fewer health problems, they’re less likely to use sick time, so companies tend to see financial benefits.

If you’re interested in reaping the many benefits that standing desks have to offer your St. Petersburg company, then turn to Ajax Business Interiors. Each desk offers many outstanding features, including:

  • An adjustable height ranging from 22” to 48”
  • Electronic operation that will raise and lower your desk at the push of two buttons
  • The option of straight or corner designs, along with a variety of finishes and desk widths

These elements also make our adjustable desks a great option for people of any height because taller individuals no longer have to stoop to use average-height desks. Furthermore, each adjustable height desk comes equipped with two buttons that must be pushed simultaneously to raise or lower the height, preventing a user from accidental activation.

To learn more about purchasing affordable adjustable height desk products for your office in St. Petersburg, FL, or to explore our other ergonomic office furniture options, contact Ajax Business Interiors today.

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