An Adjustable Height Desk from Ajax Business Interiors Can Provide Several Benefits to Your Clearwater, FL, Business

Adjustable Height Desk Clearwater FLWith adjustable height desk products from Ajax Business Interiors, the employees at your Clearwater, Florida, company may experience several health benefits, such as relief from back pain and reduced risk for obesity. According to recent studies, these ergonomic desks can provide such benefits because they allow users to work while standing, aiding in increased blood flow throughout the body. With better circulation, employees also tend to be more productive throughout the day, which in turn can help your business’ bottom line.

Not only could adjustable desks from Ajax help reduce certain health risks, but our desks could also better accommodate people with particular physical needs or challenges, especially those who:

  • Return to work after back surgery
  • Require a wheelchair
  • Constantly stoop over a desk that’s too short
  • And more

To make each adjustable desk, we begin with OEM parts and apply a desk top made by our expert craftsmen here in Clearwater, FL. These desk tops are available in two designs: straight and corner cuts. Our straight desks come in our mahogany and cognac / cherry colors, and our corner desks are available in beech and maple colors. With these options, the desk you order can be customized to integrate aesthetically into your existing office décor.

If you’re interested in purchasing an adjustable height desk for your office, contact Ajax Business Interiors today or stop by our facility located here in Clearwater, FL. We’re located on U.S. 19, just south of East Bay Drive. 

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